Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Convicted in Hammer Attack on Pelosi’s Husband

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Convicted in Hammer Attack on Pelosi’s Husband – A right-wing conspiracy theorist, David Wayne DePape, was found guilty by a federal jury on Thursday for a hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to prosecutors.

The incident occurred on October 28, 2022, when DePape, 43, unlawfully entered the Pelosis’ San Francisco residence and assaulted Paul Pelosi with a hammer. At the time, Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, was serving as House Speaker and was away in Washington.

The San Francisco jury, after deliberating since midday Wednesday, convicted DePape on charges of attempted kidnapping and assault of an immediate family member of a federal official, as announced by a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s office. These offenses could result in prison sentences of 20 years and 30 years, respectively, under federal sentencing guidelines.

Additionally, DePape faces further charges, including attempted murder, in California state court, carrying a potential sentence of 13 years to life imprisonment.

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Convicted in Hammer Attack on Pelosi's Husband
Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Convicted in Hammer Attack on Pelosi’s Husband

Nancy Pelosi released a statement on behalf of her family expressing gratitude for the support they have received. She noted that Paul Pelosi is making progress in his recovery but refrained from commenting on legal matters due to the ongoing state case.

The statement acknowledged Paul Pelosi’s composure and courage during the attack and subsequent courtroom proceedings. Paul Pelosi, who suffered skull fractures and other injuries, testified during the trial, recalling waking up in a “pool of blood” on his floor.

During the defense’s argument, attorney Jodi Linker contended that DePape did not commit a federal crime based Hammer Attack on Pelosi’s Husband official duties but was motivated by his belief in various conspiracy theories. Linker did not dispute key facts, as the hammer strike was captured on police body cameras, and DePape admitted to his actions while testifying in his defense.

Evidence presented during the trial revealed DePape’s allegiance to right-wing conspiracy theories, including those propagated by QAnon, Holocaust denial, and political accusations against Hunter Biden and George Soros.

Despite unfounded claims circulating in right-wing media about a supposed relationship between the victim and assailant, DePape admitted his original plan was to kidnap Nancy Pelosi, interrogate her, and harm her if she lied. However, upon breaking into the residence, he encountered Paul Pelosi instead, and the attack unfolded as a deviation from his initial plan.

Police discovered incriminating items in DePape’s possession, including zip ties, tape, rope, a second hammer, gloves, and a journal, according to court records.

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